Via Glen Phillips. Bandcamp is pretty dang kewl. It’s a music service that has music available in many forms, including Apple Lossless and FLAC, downloadable directly from the site. All tunes seem to be free of that DRM crapola, so the musicians here don’t think we’re criminals. What’s Bandcamp? From their FAQ:

We’re a publishing platform for bands, or, anthropomorphically/arthropodically-speaking, your fifth, fully geeked-out Beatle — the one who keeps your very own website humming and lets you get back to making great music and building your fan base. If this all sounds as highly satisfactory to you as we hope, we invite you to check out the screencast, peruse a site already powered by Bandcamp, or cut straight to the chase and sign up for a free account. Welcome!

Maybe the coolest part about Bandcamp is that you can embed a whole album in your web site. Here is Glen’s latest EP Secrets of the New Explorers. It’s got a groovy sci-fi feel.

Thanks, Glen! And, as usual, you rock.